Vrchlabi Lives through Food and Drinks

Vrchlabi Lives through Food and Drinks

As the old saying goes, the best way to a person’s hear is through their stomach. It is no wonder that people have many experiences linked to food. Vrchlabi keeps up with the pace, and offers various types of cuisine, from modern culinary through typical Czech to Asian and sushi cuisines. But it is the only town where the Chef of the Year 2022 will cook for you. Coffee lovers will also find fine places here, and can enjoy coffee in a different café every day of their holiday.

The Diverse Local Dining Scene

Dining Sceneve in Vrchlabí

Where to eat out? Would you like some recommendations for a good meal? We asked the citizens of Vrchlabi where they like to eat and drink, and where they certainly wouldn’t go again. Whether it’s for a beer, dinner or coffee, we can advise.

Restaurants Cafés



Are you travelling through Vrchlabi around lunchtime, or have you come for sightseeing? And would you like something to eat? Some restaurants here offer lunch menus. Take a look at their daily offer, you can at least plan your afternoon programme in peace.

Where to go for lunch

Vrchlabi’s Chef of the Year 2022/2023

Vrchlabi’s Chef of the Year 2022/2023

Lukas Cizek, the chef and owner of the well-known Farma Fish and Steak restaurant in Vrchlabi, has won the Chef of the Year 2022/2023 national award, beating the top 10 chefs from all over the country.

Lukas Cizek’s restaurant in Vrchlabi

The Krkonose Bear, or Hendrych

Beer Hendrych from Vrchlabí

These are the names of beers brewed in Vrchlabi’s micro-breweries, which utilise fresh mountain water, mountain air and the art of brewsters from the Krkonose. Both Krkonose Bear and Hendrych are on the Krkonose Beer Trail, which also offers three other local beers that you can taste and still train your body on a mountain hike.

The Krkonose Bear Hendrych

Gastro-blogger Lukas Hejlik in Vrchlabi

Café 7 Peaks in Vrchlabí

Lukas Hejlik has been giving tips for interesting and well-proven dining locations in the whole country for more than five years now. Two of Vrchlabi’s sites are among those he has recommended, namely Knezicka chalupa and the Seven Gables Café (Kavarna sedmi stitu). Be inspired and check them out.