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Products bearing the special “Krkonose – Genuine Product” (Krkonose – originalni produkt) logo can be bought in the Krkonose region. This mark means that the product has undergone a strict certification process which guarantees that it does originate in the Krkonose. Local origin, however, is not the only condition for gaining the mark. These products must contribute to the reputation of the region, and therefore must be environmentally friendly, unique as regards their link to the Krkonose – produced using traditional technology, hand-made or from local materials, and exceptional for their high quality.

Krkonose – Genuine Product

Krkonose – Genuine Product

The aim of marking local products is to promote the Krkonose region and assist local producers. The mark will be helpful for customers, whether they be tourists who want to buy a truly genuine local souvenir, or locals who want to support their regional producers. The mark is awarded by the association Local Action Group Krkonose (Mistni akcni skupina Krkonose).

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There are many certified products and experiences in the Krkonose, and they are quite diverse, designed for consumption as food or drinks, for decoration, as a gift, or as a tool for household work. All products and experiences bear the certification logo. If you like some, don’t hesitate, you will support the small local manufacturers.

Certified Products and Experiences

Krkonose certified products are available at: