Podkrkonosi (the Krkonose Foothills)

Podkrkonosi (the Krkonose Foothills)

The undulating landscape at the foot of the mountains often offers nicer views of the Krkonose and the surrounding landscape, which is less exposed to tourism, but has at least the same charm. Its less demanding gradients, historical places and rural architecture will please  body and soul. Sometimes you may not meet a single person on your hike all day long.

If you want to take a break from hiking in the mountains and climbing hills, go visit the foothills. Some other regions which are within driving distance of Vrchlabi are the Bohemian Paradise, Jicin, the Prachov Rocks, Semily and its Rieger Trail, the rock formations of Adrspach and the Broumov region, but it is primarily the foothills region, called Podkrkonosi, with its many interesting places that certainly deserve your visit.

Picturesque Foothills

An undulating landscape, fields and meadows, wayside shrines at junctions, picturesque villages, the quiet and comfort – this is what the Podkrkonosi area is about. Your destination could be a simple walk along the various educational trails and in peaceful countryside. The top destinations which you shouldn’t miss, however, are the zoo in Hradec Kralove, the Kuks Hospital – a Baroque complex, the fairy-tale-like dam called Les Kralovstvi, and Pecka, the nearest castle to the mountains.

It’s a Real Bohemian Paradise

The mountains are not the only place close to here. The completely different landscape of the Bohemian Paradise (Cesky raj) with its castles, chateaus and rock towns is within driving distance and is ideal for a trip. The town of Jicin and its Baroque landscape composition, the challenging sandstone formations of Prachov Rocks, the romantic environs of Hruba Skala castle, or the ruins of the mysterious Frydstejn castle – feel free to choose.