Visiting Vrchlabi with Children

Visiting Vrchlabi with Children

Every parent knows that a simple walk is a child’s traditional enemy. That’s why we’ve prepared unusual walks for you in Vrchlabi, connected to looking for treasure or adventure stories. If you need to relax after a hike and stay comfortable, or if you want to have some fun with your kids and expend some energy, you can do so in Vrchlabi. Take a look at the offer below and feel free to choose.

Looking for Treasure and Fairytales in Vrchlabi

Unusual walks are ready for you to take in Vrchlabi, connected to looking for treasure or adventure stories. The quests with Gendorf vary in length and will take you through interesting parts of the town while your children will be occupied by fulfilling the quests. They are also part of the Fairytale Krkonose stamp game, which can make them the starting point for your fairytale adventure in the Krkonose. The Hidden Stories are based on a similar principle, and are moreover linked to virtual reality.

Playing Sports with Your Children

Feel free to use the professional sports grounds and entertainment parks. Your children will certainly be happy if you visit the new Aqua Centrum with its water slide. If you have a scooter, skateboard or bike (and obviously strong nerves), enjoy the skatepark and pumptrack just next to it. In winter, you can hit the competition cross-country tracks in the Vejsplachy resort, with artificial snow and lighting. They are fine even for beginners and ideal for the first try. The ski resorts on Knezicky hill are recommended for child skiers, providing all the necessary facilities and moderate, wide slopes. Perfectly flat ice with plenty of support rails can be found on the rink of the Vrchlabi ice-hockey club, now in the 2nd League, open almost the whole year round.

Going for Culture (and Entertainment) with Your Children

The new visitor centre of the Krkonossky National Park in the monastery, inaugurated in autumn 2023, offers a brand new, modern and interactive exhibition about the Krkonose Mountains. The Krkonose Museum, located in four historical houses, presents the folk crafts of the Krkonose. In the holidays, the Information Centre offers guided tours of Vrchlabi’s most interesting sights. They are easy to take with older children and you will see sights which aren’t usually open to the public. Children’s fairy-tale films are regularly shown at the Kartonka 1904 cinema, and a children’s theatre play is performed every Sunday at the Strelnice culture centre.

Going for Food and Drink with Your Children

No trip with children is complete without the proper treats. If you are looking for a small snack for your kids and a good coffee for yourself, we recommend the Seven Gables café, especially in summer when it offers enough seats outside in the shade of the trees, a slide and sandpit. A quick takeaway snack can be purchased on the ground floor of the IT Centrum mall at the snack bar with candy shop, or at the pizza stall. Lunch or dinner can be enjoyed at the Mincovna restaurant, which has a children’s area. When the weather is good, the gardens of the Na Speku, U Svejka, or the Vietnamese Viet Thai restaurants can be visited.

Taking a Trip in the Krkonose with Your Children

If Vrchlabi is your starting point for hikes into the mountains, here are a few tips for you:

  • See the horses in Knezice
  • Go to the Zaly viewing tower
  • Take the Bubacek train to Strazny

If You Don’t Have Much Time …

Take a walk through the palace park. With a few pieces of bread in your backpack, you can please your children as well as the ducks on the fishpond there. Take a look into the palace’s entrance hall with bears, of course only in paintings. Continue to the monastery garden featuring a summerhouse where you can have a snack, a natural tunnel where you can play hide-and-seek, and a geological micro-exhibition with samples of Krkonose rocks that you can try to jump over.